“PUT THE NEEDLE ON THE RECORD is pop culture historian Matthew Chojnacki’s definitive guide to 7- and 12-inch vinyl single artwork from the ’80s.” Wendy & Lisa have their own page in the book, containing the “Satisfaction” 12″ single artwork + Lisa’s commentary. The author, Matthew, also included a great quote from Lisa on a page pertaining […]

Snapshots is out. it’s out out out! please check it out and help us spread the word on our very grassroots release. again, we did this totally DIY with lots of LUV. xo

*taken from the White Flags of Winter Chimneys publicity kit 12/2009 Susan Rogers on Wendy & Lisa We talk in music production class about the three crowns a musician or band can earn – the popular crown (slips off the minute you think you’ll wear it for life), the critical crown (as heavy as the head that […]

“The Fall of the City,” a 1937 CBS radio drama by Archibald MacLeish that starred Orson Welles and Burgess Meredith, is considered one of the most socially significant – and boldly experimental – works in the history of radio…and Wendy & Lisa did the music for the new production. If you live in or around NYC, check […]

Saturday, April 18th is Record Store Day. Wendy & Lisa will be supporting the days events with a DJ set and meet & greet at Amoeba Records in Hollywood at 1pm.  Amoeba has the “White Flags…” CD and Limited Edition Vinyl in-stock, so you can buy or bring your copy for an autograph or doodle! ANNNDDD…of course, […]

Since vinyl is having a revival of sorts, we thought you would appreciate knowing what love, time and involvement went into making this amazing piece of collectability.  First of all, it’s 100% Virgin Vinyl.  We opted to go for the higher weight because, well, it’s better, more stable and has an awesome feel to it, not to […]

Check out this cool little logo right here….  yes, we have forums, and you shouldn’t be afraid to use them! Please e-mail info@wendyandlisa.com with any topic suggestions. We would really love to see this become a cool place for all sorts of discussions, music, art, politics, technology…really, whatever we want! So let us know what you would […]

an oldie but a goodie. where do you guys find these things?!