Snapshots is out. it’s out out out! please check it out and help us spread the word on our very grassroots release. again, we did this totally DIY with lots of LUV. xo

“The Fall of the City,” a 1937 CBS radio drama by Archibald MacLeish that starred Orson Welles and Burgess Meredith, is considered one of the most socially significant – and boldly experimental – works in the history of radio…and Wendy & Lisa did the music for the new production. If you live in or around NYC, check […]

As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, on Feb 24th our new record White Flags Of Winter Chimneys went global! We also re-released to the world our GIRL BROS. (1998) record. What that means is you can now purchase the records at the most convenient online digital store for you….and of course, here at our web site […]