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oh, hi.

Lisa has a new album out of solo piano pieces called COLLAGE. please go check it out! if you buy it from her bandcamp page it comes with a PDF liner notes booklet and lisa's cool art.

we were out on tour with the revolution the last 2 years but will be taking a break for a bit now. we do have a couple shows here and there, but no scheduled touring. thank you to all who supported us and came out to those shows. it was an amazing experience and it really felt like we were all helping one another heal. thank you <3

love, lisa & wendy


Los Angeles   Final Edition   Weather: Fair, breezy 72 degrees   25 cents


The title is taken from a lyric in the Joni Mitchell song, "Hejira".

White Flags of Winter Chimneys was our first self-released album. It is our fifth studio album and was released December 2008. The album was written, played, and produced all by us. We also released a beautiful 180 gram blue swirly vinyl version.



Released in 2011. Snapshots is an EP of previously unreleased material. Included with the CD was a tri-fold insert with snapshots taken by Wendy & Lisa, and the history behind each song. There were various limited edition packages available. One was a super package which offered an expanded coffee table book (limited to just 25 in the world) and signed & numbered prints. All the books were individually personalized and bespoked the heck out by Wendy & Lisa.


Girls in a room full of brothers.

Girl Bros. was originally released in 1998, and re-released by Wendy & Lisa in 2009. It has two album cover variants. The original CD release (World Domination Records) was a photo, taken by Tchad Blake, of Wendy & Lisa walking in Downtown L.A. When a Japanese label wanted to release Girl Bros. they asked for an alternate, brighter cover, and so was born the pop art-esque meteor girls cover.



A few friends of ours were interested in creating some alternate versions from the White Flags LP. 


Wendy & Lisa are currently on tour with the Revolution.

Wendy & Lisa are on tour with the Revolution



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